Over the last two weeks our Year 9 students have been involved in our 2019 Immersion Program.

This program takes a holistic approach to the development of our students with the aim of applying real world skills of communication, problem solving, teamwork and creativity through a series of project based learning activities and seminars.

Students were able to select from the following four projects running during the week:

  • Hunger Pains, which required students to research the issues of World Hunger and develop solutions to the challenges they have identified;
  • Outdoor World required students to research and plan the first aid requirements and risk assessments for a day hike that they undertook to the Dandenong.
  • Mission to Mars required students to work in teams as they use mathematical applications to program their lunar robots to perform experiments on the planet Mars.
  • Journey, incorporating a study and presentation of many of our migrant journey’s from both a historic, religious and geographical perspective.

Guest presenters also facilitated discussion with our students on topics such as: Life and The Law beyond St. John’s, Career Planning and Mock Interviews and developing Student Wellbeing through issues of self-respect and connecting to community.

Our Year 9 Students have reported high levels of enthusiasm and engagement with their learning over the last two weeks and I extend my thanks to Year 9 Program Co-ordinator, Mr Denis Palanci, the Project Based Learning Facilitators and all teaches who assisted in a very successful Year 9 Immersion.