Association of Canonical Administrators

In secondary Regional Colleges, where a group of Parish Priests has taken responsibility for a College to serve the needs of secondary aged students in their parishes, they underwrite the financial responsibility of the College in return for which the students from their parishes have priority rights to enrolment in the College. The Parish Priests of the member parishes of the regions are formally constituted as an Association of Canonical Administrators by the Archbishop with an appropriate statute. The Association acts as a juridical person (according to Canon Law) within that statute.

The Canonical Administrators are the Parish Priests of the Member Parishes acting as a juridical person, as defined in Canon Law (Canons 113–123).

The Member Parishes are those Catholic parishes, within the Archdiocese of Melbourne, which have formed the regional College and have agreed to underwrite the financial responsibility of the College.

The Association is established by the Archbishop of Melbourne by individual statute. The member parishes are named in the statute.

School Governance (Democratic Principles)

The major tasks of the Association:

  1. To act within the provisions of ordinary administration as defined in Canon Law and determined by the Archbishop.
  2. To oversee and be responsible for the financial arrangements of the College including but not limited to:
    •  Approving the budget
    •  Entering into borrowing
    •  Signing contracts.
  3. To appoint the Principal after ratification from the Archbishop. The process of selection is to be according to Archdiocesan policy. The President will sign the contract with the Principal. (One of the Canonical Administrators is elected as President of the Association)
  4. To approve any major change in the nature of the College.
  5. To carry out such other duties necessary to promote and sustain the purpose of the College.

The Current Association of Canonical Administrators is made up of:

St Mary’s Parish Dandenong   Fr Brendan Lane PP
St Paul Apostle Parish Endeavour Hills Fr Brendan Connell CP
St Anthony’s Parish Noble Park Fr Martin Jeramias AP
Holy Family Parish Doveton Fr Michael Payyapilly PP
St Kevin’s Parish Hampton Park Fr Desmond Moloney PP