St John’s Regional College is a Catholic co-educational secondary school. It was established by the local Parish Priests in collaboration with the de La Salle Brothers and the Presentation Sisters. Their vision and work in educating young people in the rich heritage of the Catholic Tradition are both enduring and inspiring.

St John’s Regional College welcomes and celebrates the diversity of cultures, gifts and talents which enriches the school and marks its unique identity. It values co-education in preparing young people to be active citizens in our wider community.

Staff at St John’s Regional College endorse Catholic beliefs and practices and are committed to excellence in teaching. In partnership with parents, staff engage students in learning as a lifelong process. In realising their individual potential, students will be encouraged to develop a sense of responsibility for their own learning.

Students at St John’s Regional College will strive for self-worth and respect for others, will act justly, will confront social issues and contribute to community life.

As a faith community, we will nurture each other’s growth in the values taught by Jesus Christ.

Our Vision

We at St John’s Regional College are a contemporary Catholic community placing at our heart our students and their learning outcomes, through personalised learning and a culture of performance and development.

Our Values


St John’s Regional College is a faith community centred on Jesus Christ and enlivened by the charisms of the Venerable Nano Nagle and St John Baptist de La Salle. Our motto reminds us that we must constantly “reach for the stars” and in doing so be beacons of light for each other and our world.


Our students’ learning outcomes and their emotional , spiritual , social and physical wellbeing is central to all that we do at St John’s Regional College. The College focuses on student centred learning which allows students to develop the skills they need to be well rounded , emotionally mature and engaged learners in the wider community.

Integrity and Service

St John’s students are called to serve with personal integrity the College and wider community through their words and actions. All of our students are leaders.


The St John’s Community values and nurtures learning, personal responsibility and growth. Our College responds to the need young people have to belong to a community which values them, provides them with opportunities for authentic relationships and challenges them to realise their goals.