Rewarding Positive Student Achievement

The purpose of this scheme is to provide a means of recognising student achievement across all aspects of College life.

Known as the St. John’s Stella Awards, they are given to students who who set a fine example to others by displaying outstanding courage, courtesy, effort and achievement in one of the following areas:

  • Academic Excellence
  • Leadership in Sports
  • Community Service
  • Cultural Endeavour

The name stella is Latin for star and links very well to our College motto Virtus in astra tendit, which has been translated to courage strives for the stars. The names of our six Houses also take as their inspiration six ‘stars or constellations of heaven’.

Stella Awards are for those students who do more than simply participate in an activity; they recognise achievement and the desire to excel. There are three levels or colours of the Stella Awards. The criteria for each area is described in detail below.

To qualify for a College Colour (students will receive a certificate and a star badge in the appropriate colour), a student is to have achieved at a high level, shown consistent effort or improvement and has taken a leadership role. This will be recognised when students meet the following achievement levels:

BRONZE AWARD 6 Courage and Courtesy Awards in any category
SILVER AWARD 10 Courage and Courtesy Awards involving at least 3 categories
GOLD AWARD 16 Courage and Courtesy Awards covering all 4 categories
DIAMOND AWARD 22 Courage and Courtesy Awards covering all 4 categories


Courage & Courtesy Award Criteria


To be considered for an Academic award students will:

  • Present quality work in class and assignments of a very high standard
  • Have consistent and positive participation in class activities
  • Do their best in lessons while setting high standards of behaviour
  • Show academic excellence in a particular area
  • Show marked improvement in progress

Examples of Academic Awards include:

  • Subject Excellence Awards presented on Awards Night
  • Credit or higher in any subject-based competition eg. Westpac Maths Comp., Science Talent Search, Geography Comp.
  • Excellence in Work Placement or TAFE Studies
  • Outstanding or excellent level of achievement or “A” grade level in all subjects
  • Marked improvement from one semester to another. Eg. One VELS standard to next.
  • Special achievement in a subject during the term


To be considered for a Sports award students will:

  • Exhibit the many aspects of good sportsmanship
  • Display outstanding levels of participation in training and competition
  • Display leadership and courage

Examples of Sports Awards include:

  • Age champion at either school swimming, athletics or cross country
  • Best & Fairest for an individual sporting team
  • Outstanding achievement in representative sport. Eg. Winning multiple events at SIS Swimming or Athletics.
  • Outstanding leadership eg at sporting carnivals, within team sports
  • Outstanding participation in House Sporting activities
  • Refereeing and umpiring fairly and consistently
  • Coaching a junior sports team.

Community Service

To be considered for a Community Service award students will:

  • Set high standards of behaviour and co-operation in the classroom or school yard
  • Exhibit values such as honesty, loyalty, trustworthiness, respect and good manners
  • Show unselfishness and consideration by helping others, both in school and in the local community
  • Display citizenship, consideration for others and improvements to school life

Examples of Community Service Awards include:

  • Outstanding achievement in programs such as 40-Hr Famine, St Vinnies visitation, etc
  • Participation in a program that benefits the school eg. Casey Young Leaders Program, Lasallian or Presentation Programs, etc
  • Excellence in a leadership position, such as Homeroom Rep., House Captain
  • Representation at special occasions. Eg. Masses or Anzac Day services
  • Assistance at Homework Club.
  • Conduct tours of college for special guests
  • Visits to primary schools.


To be considered for a Cultural award students will:

  • Show significant involvement at a high standard in cultural presentations and performances
  • Be selected to represent the school in performances, showing skill and commitment
  • Achieve quality participation or work in areas such as Performing Arts, Visual Arts, Chess, Debating and Public Speaking

Examples of Cultural Awards include:

  • Participation in a school production eg “School of Rock”
  • Being an active member of a debating team
  • Being selected to participate in Public Speaking programs/competitions eg Lions Quest Youth of the Year
  • Winners of Talent Quest or Battle of the Bands.
  • Participation in Talent Quest or Battle of the Bands
  • Participation in backstage, lighting or sound crews for college events
  • Outstanding contribution to College Choir or Concert Band.

  1. Students who display the above criteria are recommended to the House Leader by any subject teacher, Learning Mentor, Coach, Learning Leader and others via the appropriate form (see following)
  2. Forms are forwarded to Deputy Principal – Student Wellbeing for approval and record-keeping.
  3. Details are forwarded to the office for typing and printing of certificate. Certificates signed by Principal or Deputy Principals
  4. Courage and Courtesy Awards are presented at the next House or School Assembly
  5. Colours are presented at a Whole School Assembly. Students on behaviour reports or agreements may receive Courage and Courtesy Awards but are ineligible to receive Colours.