The Learning Support Centre comprises a dedicated team of staff members who assist all students to reach their best potential across all aspects of school life.

This is an inclusive team and each staff member attends to the needs of any College student who may require assistance in any way. These staff members are required to be talented in a number of areas so that they can cater for the diverse needs of the students within the college.

Through the Learning Support Centre, referrals for academic assessments are made so that we can adequately help students who are experiencing difficulties. The outcome of these assessments means that teaching staff and Learning Support staff can assist the student based on their specific learning needs.

There are several ways in which the Learning Support staff work to improve the academic, social and pastoral outcomes of the students. Levels of assistance are adapted and modified constantly to meet the ongoing needs of the students.

The Learning Support Team works collaboratively with many outside agencies who may be required depending on the students’ needs. These agencies include Catholic Education Melbourne for the Visiting Teacher Service and various assessments, SCOPE services for Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy, Swinburne University for psychological assessments and other community services when required.

Just as St John’s Regional College provides a range of activities through which students can achieve, the Learning Support team members cater for the individual differences of our students in their curriculum and pastoral support. They assist teachers with students in all year levels during transition from one year to the next.

Transition is a particular focus when students come from a primary to secondary setting and again in the senior years when students are looking beyond the secondary setting to future options. The Learning Support team members work collaboratively with the House Coordinators, Career Pathways Coordinator and all teaching staff to especially support students in these major transition times.

The Learning Support Centre celebrates differences in both actions and words. It is fundamentally the connectedness of the St John’s Learning Support staff with the students in their care that both celebrates and makes the difference in the success of all students during their years at St John’s.