St John’s offers a free after school tutoring program for all year levels. Students requiring some extra assistance in completing homework tasks are encouraged to book a session for help from our experienced tutors in a range of subject areas.

Our Online Tutor:

Tutor is available 4.00pm – 5.30pm. Appointments necessary.

Maria Hinen (Monday and Wednesday)

I graduated from St. John’s Regional College in 2021 as College DUX. I am Currently studying a Bachelor of Biomedical Science at Monash University. I love empowering students to realise their own potential and find the study methods that best suits them. A big believer in hard-smart work and effective study rather than long hours with a tonne of procrastination. I am so passionate about teaching and helping students to use their study time wisely and to differentiate between their homework and private study. From experience, seeking help for concepts and questions that are difficult to understand is one of the best ways to fill gaps knowledge and get the best possible 

Our Tutors:

Tutors are available Monday to Thursday from 3.30pm – 5pm in the CLC. No appointments necessary.

Noemie Nina (Monday)

As a graduate from the class of 2023, I am excited to be back this year as one of the tutors and look forward to offering my assistance in all ways possible! I truly believe that with a strong commitment and the right motivation, studying can turn from a ‘have to do’ to a ‘want to do.’ I am currently studying a Bachelor of Biomedical Science at Monash University, and can’t wait to see where it takes me.

Michelle Ruyg (Monday)

Michelle is a current Learning Support Officer at St John’s. She assists in math’s classes from Year 7 to 12. 

Kye Duncan (Tuesday)

Kye Duncan is a former College Captain of St. Johns 2022 who wishes to cultivate a student’s full potential by imbuing passion into the subjects a student learns. He believes in persistent and engaging methods of tutoring and teaching, and is versatile in tackling topics in a way that best suits every student’s needs. Kye is committed to spurring students to attain their academic goals and strive for their best. He specialises in tutoring Economics, Business Management, Text and Traditions, and Literature. Kye is currently studying at Monash University to obtain a bachelor in Commerce, with hopes of working in the field of economics in the future. 

Joanna Boak (Tuesday)

Joanna Boak (alumni of St. John’s, 2022 DUX) is a dedicated and efficient student who aims to nurture students’ natural talents and inspire students to fully realise their academic potential. She specialises in the areas of Chemistry, Mathematical Methods, Biology and Italian. As a patient and kind tutor, she will guide students with knowledge and encouragement so that they always feel able to achieve their goals. She is studying a double degree of science and biomedical science at Monash University this year and hopes to work in the field of Biomedicine.

Anchal Bhanot (Wednesday)

Hey there! I’m Anchal and I graduated from SJRC in 2023. I’m currently studying the Bachelor of Nursing/Midwifery (Honours) at Deakin University with the hopes of entering medicine and possibly specialising as a surgeon. As a tranquil yet purposeful tutor in the endless sea of pressure and expectation in high school, I aim to not only prepare students, but to unveil the key to surviving and surpassing VCE, whilst maintaining their mental and physical health. I specialise in the areas of English, Psychology and Religion and Society,

Anmol Singh (Wednesday and Thursday)

Hi there, I’m Anmol and I am graduate with class of 2023. I am currently studying information technology at Monash University, with the plans to as well do law. I’m excited to be back at St Johns, to be able to help students, as I understand that sometimes high expectations can be stressful, and my hope is to guide students to thrive in their studies and reduce academic stress. I specialize in areas of Business Management, Legal Studies, Math and Physical education. 


Tameka Haggett (Thursday)

Hi everyone, I’m Tameka and I graduated from St Johns in 2023 as the college dux. I am currently studying a bachelor of Biomedical Science at Deakin. I look forward to being able to assist students with their studies and continuing to support the St Johns community in any way that I can. I hope to help students achieve their goals for the year by demonstrating that there are many different methods of study out there to suit everyone’s needs. I believe that studying doesn’t have to be overwhelming and stressful if you break everything down, and ask for help when you need it. I Specialise in the areas of English, Biology, Chemistry and Religion and Society but will do my best to help in other areas when necessary.