St John’s offers an after school tutoring program in the CLC for all year levels. The tutoring program runs each Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday in the Contemporary Learning Centre. Students requiring some extra assistance in preparation for their exams or completing homework tasks are encouraged to come along to the CLC for help from our experienced tutors in a range of subject areas.

Now at University, our ex-students Jennifer Yang (English, Further Mathematics, Legal Studies) and Hanson Wilson (Maths and Science) are available to work with students from all year levels from 3.30pm to 5pm.

Jennifer Yang (Tuesday & Wednesday)

Jennifer is a past student of St John’s (class of 2018 DUX) and is currently studying at Monash University doing a double degree of law/arts on a scholarship. Jennifer thoroughly enjoys teaching students proactively in a positive and encouraging environment. Jennifer believes the best way for students to learn is for them study after classes to retain the information absorbed, and to learn to seek help with studies.

Hanson Wilson (Thursday)

Hanson is a past student of St John’s (class of 2016 DUX) and is currently studying Engineering and Actuarial Science at Monash University. As a year 12 student Hanson found great interest is Maths Method, Maths Specialist and Physics.