The St John’s Student Leadership program promotes servant leadership based on the Gospel values of service and stewardship. Students are elected to Leadership Positions by their Peers and the College Staff.

The Leadership structure comprises of College Captains, House Captains and Portfolio Captains in the areas of Communication, Creativity, Environment, Innovation, Ministry and Sport. Homeroom Representatives are nominated each year to assist the House Captains in their leadership.

Our Lasallian and Presentation traditions inform our model of Student leadership. Our Student leaders look to the founders of the College for inspiration as they develop their leadership skills through formal leadership formation programs and mentoring from senior staff throughout the school year.



Words from our 2020 College Captains

I would like to thank all the teachers, staff and students for getting me through the years of my St John’s life. I thank all those who believed in me to be there collage captain and hope to live up to the expectations of both my peers and the Lasallian brothers and sister of both past and present. Let’s all reach for the starts together this year in 2020.

Christopher Jorrisen, College Captain (2020)

I would to thank everyone who gave me the opportunity  to become your school college captain for 2020.
I promise to uphold and honour our school, As Lasallian brothers and sisters we follow the way of the lord.
This year we reach for the stars as one, many hands build a house and together we make one happy school.

Aker Mawith, College Captain (2020)

Thank you to everyone for all the support over the past year in regard to the position of vice college captain. I’m grateful for the opportunity to lead the school and Year 12’s in 2020. I can’t wait to share my ideas and plans with you in hopes of making this year a great one!

Chester Finau, College Vice Captain (2020)

Thank you to everybody who have shown support over the past year.
I’m so grateful for the opportunity to be a part of the leadership community in leading the college in 2020 and be given the chance to share my ideas as well as yours. I can’t wait to begin my role as the vice-captain of St John’s in 2020 and I hope to make it one of the best, not only for the year 12s, but for everyone across all year levels. I am hoping to get to know a lot of you this year.

Johanna Pastias, College Vice Captain (2020)


2019 College Leaders


College Captains

Dylan Morris

Svetlana Brillantes


College Vice Captains

Mikko Manuel

Ishmeet Singh


Subject Captains

Communication Captains

Carl-Elizandro Cruz and Anna Ly

Creativity Captains

Neve Biggin and Ace Mehegan

Environment Captains

May Gray and Caitlyn Morros

Innovation Captains

Ayush Singh and Vivian Dao

Sport Captain

Brandon Denis and Pearlin Augustin


Subject Leaders


Dilania Benevides


Carl-Elizandro Cruz and Anna Ly


Neve Biggin and Ace Mehegan


May Gray and Caitlyn Morros


Ayush Singh and Vivian Dao


Brandon Denis and Pearlin Augustin


House Leaders


Shania Donovan and Tiamara Aledo


Michael Almeida and Lucy Doherty


Stephanie Mandalis and Miguel Cuevas


Alek Garang and Gianmarco Hernandez


Stefanie Pentogenis and Kassandra Verma


Monica Opiew and Tahlia Vella