The Rights and Responsibilities of each and every student of St John’s Regional College is reflected in the Student Code of conduct detailed below:

As a student of St John’s College, Dandenong, I commit myself to the College Mission Statement and the Code of Student Conduct. I acknowledge that both documents are based on Gospel values and are designed to ensure cooperative coexistence in a Christian community. I commit myself to ensuring that through my actions and words, St John’s is a safe school environment for all members of the college community . For my part, I will respect the dignity and rights of each member of the College community by:

  • contributing to a community where all students and staff have the right to feel safe and secure;
  • abiding by the College Anti-Harassment and Anti-Discrimination Policy;
  • abiding by the principles of the National Safe Schools Framework;
  • accepting responsibility for my own actions and decisions;
  • extending courtesy and respect to all;
  • doing my best to learn in all tasks;
  • respecting the right of the teacher to teach and the rights of others to learn;
  • promoting the good reputation of the College;
  • keeping the school clean and safe; and
  • respecting my own and others’ property.

The details of the Code of Student Conduct may be divided into three areas of responsibility.

1. Personal Responsibility

Accepting responsibility for my own actions and decisions

I will follow all class and school rules, in particular the College’s Code of Student Conduct and the College’s Anti-Discrimination and Anti-Harassment Policy. I will adhere to the principles that affirm the right of all school community members to feel safe at school and free from bullying, discrimination and harassment. I will abide by the principles governing the National Safe Schools Framework. I will accept responsibility for the consequences of my actions and decisions. I realise that if I break school rules or community laws, I will be required to restore any relationships impacted and face approppriate consequences.

Doing my best to learn in all tasks

I have the right to a Catholic education which allows me to achieve to my full potential. As a student, it is my responsibility to do my best in all tasks, and to maintain a safe, accepting and productive classroom environment. I will ensure that I use appropriate methods to question, to discuss and to involve myself in my work. I will listen attentively and complete work to the best of my ability. I accept homework as my responsibility and will submit all set work by the due date.


2. Communal Responsibility

Contributing to an environment where all Students and Staff have the right to feel safe and secure

To feel safe and secure means that no person in the St John’s community should experience physical, verbal or electronic abuse, eg: bullying, teasing, name calling, sexist or racist comments. It is my responsibility to treat others with dignity, and to move around the school in a safe and orderly manner.

Extending courtesy and respect to all

As a member of the St John’s community, I expect to be treated with courtesy, respect and politeness. I too, will be polite to fellow students, to staff and the wider community.

Respecting the right of the teacher to teach and the rights of others to learn.

I will follow all directions given by the teacher in class, and be organised for each lesson. I will come to all classes punctually with the necessary books and equipment, as my lateness or lack of equipment will be a distraction for others.

Enhancing the reputation of the College

I owe it to each member of the community to uphold the good name of the College at all times. I am aware that when I represent St John’s Regional College, I will act and speak to bring credit to the College. It is my responsibility to wear the College Uniform with pride.

3. Environment & Property

Keeping the school clean and safe

St John’s College aims to provide a clean, safe and supervised environment. It is my responsibility to care for the buildings, their contents, all school property and to maintain a neat, clean environment.

Respecting my own and others’ property

It is my right to expect that other students will respect my property, ie. will not interfere with my bag, desk, locker etc. It is my responsibility to respect the property of the school and the property of other students. I will not interfere with or damage college property or the property of other individuals. It is my right to expect similar respect from others towards my property.

Mobile Phone Use

The rapid increase in the use of mobile phones and access to social media platforms  has lead to growing concerns across society in regard to their impact on young peoples  learning and health both physical and mental. Based on international research , the Victorian Department of Education has implemented guidelines on Student Mobile use during school hours. From the beginning of the 2020 School year all students will be required to have all mobile phones switched off and stored in lockers during school hours.  The following guidelines in regard to phone use apply at St John’s Regional College :

  • Students are discouraged from bringing mobile phones to school.
  • Students are not to use mobile phones during class or at recess and lunch. The phone must switched off and stored in the locker provided between the hours of 8.30 am and 3.30 pm on a school day.
  • Under no circumstances is a mobile phone to be brought into any exams or assessment tasks.
  • If your son or daughter needs to be contacted during the day, Student Services will relay a message to them.
  • Students are not to contact parents/guardians to collect them from school if feeling unwell. Students are to report to Student Services, where the college will make contact with parents/guardians if deemed necessary.
  • Under no circumstances will the College accept any responsibility for damage, loss or theft of mobile phones or other electronic devices.
  • Any breaches of the above will result in the phone being confiscated for 24 hours. Any subsequent breaches will result in the student’s parents being asked to collect the phone from the Deputy Principal Students.