Enrichment allows students to broaden their understandings and develop skills which they can then apply across all areas of their learning.

The College offers students an actual academic study called Enrichment. It is offered at Year 8 and 9 and allows for greater flexibility and individual skill development across a range of content areas, often simultaneously.

Students are provided with the opportunity to work individually as well as with others. Sharing ideas, developing ‘thinking skills’, analysing information and actively participating in informed discussion are all integral components of the course.

In addition to the Cross-Curricular Enrichment subject, students are also offered the opportunity to engage with Mathematics Enrichment.  This enables students to engage with sophisticated problem-solving activities within the Mathematics domain, heightening engagement and capacity in numeracy.

Extension Opportunities

CSIRO – STEM Professionals in School Program 

Conducted by the CSIRO, the STEM Professionals in Schools program is Australia’s largest national skilled volunteering program for STEM professionals and classroom educators. The program facilitates flexible, ongoing partnerships between science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) professionals and teachers in schools across Australia. In our third year of the program, St John’s is proud to welcome our new STEM Professional for 2021, Mr Jay Seneviratne. Mr Seneviratne is a qualified chemical and mechanical engineer working with Boral and will use his experience across several industries in working with our advanced science students in Years 7, 8 & 9. The project will be coordinated by STEM Leader Mr Tim Lee during Term 2 and will involve research, problem solving and analysis of their findings around the sustainability of our most valuable resource, water. A new group of young scientists will be selected for Term 3 to work with our STEM Professional Mr Jay Seneviratne.