Learning at St John’s focuses on the development of the whole person.  We recognise that the world is ever evolving, and we seek to ensure that our students are capable of navigating modern society.

At St John’s, we provide a learning culture of high expectations.  In striving for excellence, our students undertake diverse learning opportunities so that they can make informed decisions about their future.

As a school committed to Visible Learning, we work in partnership with students and their families to enable students to be independent and successful learners.  Our sequential learning programs at St John’s ensures students consistently build on their prior learning so that they engage in each year level.  They are then able to select their senior pathway with confidence.

Both classroom and extra-curricular experiences expand student’s knowledge, and enables them to enact their dreams for their future. Students are not constrained by the walls of the classroom.  Immersion in real world learning activities and project-based learning opportunities equip students with higher order thinking skills and the ability to work effectively with others.

Our passionate and dedicated teacher strive to nurture and empower all students.  We prepare our students to be visionary and compassionate leaders in the world.