Learning at St John’s Regional College places the students and their learning outcomes at the heart of all that we do. We strive to enable learning which ensure that learning is visible to our students.  By providing Learning Intentions and Success Criteria for each unit of work, we attempt to guide our students to seek their own learning paths, drawing on their own strengths.  By recognising the individual, and personalising learning, we seek to provide the right level of challenge for all of our students.  We aim to establish learning environments where errors are accepted, and seen as opportunities for learning.  By maximising feedback to students, the College endeavours to challenge and engage all of our students.  Our ultimate aim is to ensure that the learning experiences at St John’s has prepared our students to be active and global citizens.

The Teaching and Learning Charter of the College outlines the commitments made by teachers as they deliver learning programs within the College. This Charter outlines our desire to deliver high quality and contemporary learning programs to our students, recognising that each student is an individual who should be challenged to achieve success.


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Tutoring Program

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Learning and Teaching Charter

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Career Pathways

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