Regarding – Parent Information Session – Community Event – Cyber Safety

Dear School Parents and Members of the Parish Community, 


I would like to extend an invitation to a presentation from international CyberSafety expert Susan McLean at St. John’s on Monday July 17. 

Susan will present to parents on the important topic of helping our children stay safe online. The Internet is a powerful tool for education, work, and social interactions. It provides an opportunity for young people to connect and engage with peers right around the world. The reality of the global village and our ability to connect in a myriad of ways and purposes is something that is evolving quickly in our lifetime. However, with these opportunities comes the necessity to keep ourselves informed and educated in the area of best practice in cyber safety. In Susan’s presentation ‘ Growing up online” you will hear about the mistakes young people are making with Internet use and how we can engage them in a conversation about the importance of cyber safety and the simple routines and practices that will keep them safe online. I look forward to seeing you at this important and informative evening with Susan McLean. 


Your Sincerely  


Tim Hogan 


St John’s Regional College