This guide will provide you with instructions and advice for how best to structure your Term 2 studies.

This document will outline how the learning programs will run for week 1 and 2 of the term.

The following are the crucial details to help you with the first two weeks of learning:

  1. All Learning will be provided to you through SEQTA. You will need to log into each Course for each subject and access the Online lessons.
  2. Work will be set for the same amount of time they would have spent on the subject within the classroom in each week, and you must complete the work in a timely fashion.
  3. You must follow your daily timetable when completing your learning at home. Set a timer so you can swap from subject to subject. It is crucial to stay in your school routine as much as possible, even though you are not at school.
  4. Your teachers will be online at the assigned time of your class – you can therefore ask questions and get answers through the CLASS FORUM.
  5. Assessment tasks will be set regularly – both small and large so as to ensure teachers can provide regular feedback.
  6. The expectation is that you log on to SEQTA and access work for all subjects each day.
  7. SEQTA messages and School email will be used by teachers to communicate – both must be checked regularly.
  8. Students not engaging in learning or not submitting work will be contacted in order for us to provide support. Your results during this time count towards your completion of your current year level.
  9. The Online Learning Program does not replace the need to do homework – teacher will provide classroom learning and set homework – this is crucial work for VCE students.