St John’s Regional College Alumni

Our Alumni members are a valued part of the College. They take part in current events at the College such as mentoring and speaking at assemblies. It is inspiring for the College’s current students to see and hear from its past students, to help them forge their own path in life, and to know that the College will always be a home for them.

The purposes of our Alumni association are:

  1. To facilitate contact among past students.
  2. Contribute to the raising of funds for the betterment of the College.
  3. To celebrate and acknowledge the achievements of past and present students.
  4. Establish and maintain prosperous partnerships amongst the St Johns Regional College community


St Johns Regional College Alumni are on Facebook – Click the “join” button on the Facebook page to be updated on all Alumni activities and news.

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The St John’s experience means a lot more than just your years at the College.

Alumni helps keep you connected to the College, friends and the heritage long after your graduate.

All past students are invited to submit their information below