St John’s Regional College began when the parish priests of the region recognised the need for a secondary boys’ school in the area. The first classes were taught on 4 February 1958 with Grade 6, Form I and Form II in classrooms at St Mary’s Dandenong.

St John’s Boys – Form 1 – 1958
St John’s Boys – Form 1 – 1958
The Athletic Team - Br. Dominic as Coach
The Athletic Team – Br. Dominic as Coach

In late November 1967 the new buildings in Caroline Street Dandenong were officially opened and blessed by Archbishop Knox.

In 1971 Senior co-education classes were conducted on the Caroline Street site as well as Junior and Middle Secondary Boys classes.  The Junior and Middle Secondary Girls classes remained at St Angela’s on their McCrae Street site until the last year of St Angela’s in 1973.

Front of St Angelas 1973
Front of St Angelas 1973
St Angela’s 1973
St Angela’s 1973

In 1974 the whole College was on one campus and was known as St John’s Regional College. Senior, Form V and VI classes were co-ed and Form I – IV were separate boys’ and girls’ classes and in fact housed completely separately.

In 1983 St John’s Regional College celebrated its Silver Jubilee.

And now, here we are, in 2018, celebrating our Diamond Jubilee.

St John’s Regional College Alumni

Our Alumni members are a valued part of the College. They take part in current events at the College such as mentoring and speaking at assemblies. It is inspiring for the College’s current students to see and hear from its past students, to help them forge their own path in life, and to know that the College will always be a home for them.

The purposes of our Alumni association are:

  1. To facilitate contact among past students.
  2. Contribute to the raising of funds for the betterment of the College.
  3. To celebrate and acknowledge the achievements of past and present students.
  4. Establish and maintain prosperous partnerships amongst the St Johns Regional College community

St. John's aerial photo



We are very keen to assist anyone to conduct a reunion for their year group.

To register your interest please email Kellie Walden at

Upcoming events: Alumni Gathering 2019 

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St Johns Regional College Alumni are on Facebook – Click the “join” button on the Facebook page to be updated on all Alumni activities and news.

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Past students are welcome to be involved with this volunteer association.

It is important that records of all former students are maintained, so that future generations of St John’s students may continue to be proud of the education they received at this College.

If you know a Past Student of St John’s, please spread the word.

All past students are invited to submit their information via the link below

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