Shared Stories is an annual anthology of creative works by primary and secondary students from Catholic schools across Victoria.  The anthology forms part of the permanent collection of the State Library of Victoria.

The anthology commenced in 2006 with funding from the Felton Bequest. The concept was imagined in response to the Cronulla riots in Sydney, which challenged us as educators to explore positive and affirming ways of sharing experiences and ideas across cultural and social groups throughout Victoria. While our first edition was just 72 pages, we now assemble student works that fill 572 colour pages. In 2016, 22 schools were involved in Shared Stories and we published the work of over 1,000 students from Foundation to VCE in 2016.

St John’s Regional College participation in the ‘Shared Stories Anothology – Journey’ with 25 other Catholic Schools started in 2017.

For more information regarding the Shared Stories Anthology please visit the website below

Shared Stories