Masterplan Stage 2 for 2021

The master plan for St John’s Regional College was formally approved by the Association of Canonical Administrators in December of 2017. This will be a 7 stage process covering the next 10-12 years of  the life of  the school and provide a physical environment with state of the art facilities in all areas of learning. Our students are moving into a rapidly changing world  which requires of them the knowledge , skills and confidence to apply their learning in a variety of  different situations and contexts. We are confident that the continuous improvement of our learning environment will assist them in their development as successful learners – that is resilient young people who have the ability to adapt and learn in the rapidly evolving workplaces of the future.

STAGE FACILITY BUDGET Estimated Date of Completion
1 Administration and Staff Lounge $2m 2019- complete
1A Sports Precinct $2.6m 2020 – complete
2 Junior STEM Centre $5m 2021
3 Senior STEM Centre $6m 2023
4 Year 9 Centre $1.5m
5 Senior Centre and VCAL $3.5m
6 Chapel $2m
7 Performing Arts Centre $4m